Our core value proposition is simple. It is faster, cheaper, and a far better use of limited resources for major carriers and government agencies to implement their wireless programs by leasing assets rather than building and owning wireless infrastructure.

Key Benefits of Leasing from Grain:

  • Convert a major capital expenditure into a routine monthly operating expense
  • Eliminate future expenditures associated with tower site operations and maintenance
  • Shift the risk of catastrophic events (e.g., hurricanes) that could necessitate unplanned capital investment
  • Accelerate deployment schedules, and eliminate risk of cost overruns
  • Restore organizational focus to core mission activities
  • Permit the deployment of a larger and more complete system
  • Provide flexibility in the event future telecommunications needs change

Grain is uniquely qualified to provide flexible, cost-efficient wireless infrastructure solutions to commercial carriers and government agencies. Several leading wireless carriers and government agencies trust Grain to build, own, and operate wireless infrastructure assets to meet their telecommunications needs.

Please contact us by email to discuss how our leasing and/or build to suit programs can benefit your organization.